The Regions

There is so much to see, and so much to do.

  • North Iceland
  • East Iceland
  • South Iceland
  • West Iceland
  • Reykjanes
  • Capital Area
  • Westfjords

Iceland is typically divided into seven different geographical regions, including the Reykjavík capital area. Each region differs slightly with respect to both culture and landscape, but all are uniquely Icelandic.

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North Iceland


Experience North Iceland, a land of true contrasts.

East Iceland


Home to the country's largest forest, lush farmlands, and a range of small fjords and seaside communities.

The Westfjords


One of Iceland's best kept secrets is undoubtedly the country's north-west corner, known as the Westfjords.

South Iceland


Iceland's south coast includes some of the country's most visited sites and has worthy attraction all along the coast.



The Reykjanes peninsula is a geothermal wonder, characterized volcanic surroundings.

West Iceland


West Iceland is one of Iceland's most geologically diverse regions, boasting of a nearly exhaustive sampling of all that Iceland has to offer.



Reykjavík is the natural starting point for any visit to Iceland, and deservedly so.